Digital Line of PEMF Devices

Spark Chamber Line of PEMF Devices


(1) Large loop – 14″

About Cell2n PEMF devices

What makes Cell2nPEMF devices unique is that we offer the best of both worlds.  
We have combined low frequencies and strong pulses in all our units.
You can select different Modes and Power levels

What Makes Cell2n Different

Our Digital Line of Products Deliver

  • 1 to 10-Power Setting Range
  • Power outputs from Level 1 at 900 Gauss to Level 10 at 15,000 Gauss
  • Three Different Modes

Our Spark-Gap Line of Products Deliver

Our Spark Gap PEMF Systems

  •  World’s First Micro / (Hyper) Pulse delivers Deep Penetration
  •  Pulse Delivery (Extreme Efficiency as the body cannot adjust) 
  •  Up to 9,000 Gauss
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