Cell2n-PEMF Therapy

Part 1: What is PEMF

Cell2n-PEMF, an abbreviation for Pulsed-Electromagnetic Field, is a form of advanced teraphy that includes the use of a detailed process involving pulsed energy waves targeting specific parts of the body,

in particular, areas in which the patient is experiencing the most pain and discom- fort. While known as a cutting-edge wellness modality, this treatment eases discomfort by sending waves through the cells in areas of the body that are ailing, such as the legs and back. During this process, electrons become intensified, which helps restore the energy within the cell, enabling them to function better than before. In addition, with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, professionals can stimulate different cells throughout the body, increasing their energy to facilitate the natural healing process.

Cell2n-PEMF therapy works as an advanced solution to rejuvenate the tired cells.

The cells within the body can experience wear and tear, which often occurs when they’re overworked but can also happen in aging adults. Whether those cells are overused or damaged, the wear and tear on them typically make it more of a challenge for those cells to fight damage and ailments, thus explaining why some people would experience discomfort in different areas of their body. Although the cells get tired, PEMF therapy works as an advanced solution to rejuvenate the tired cells, supplying them with energy to reduce and relieve pain while promoting healing.

The wellness modality is a favorable solution for clients of all ages experiencing discomfort and looking for alternatives to traditional medication. Introducing this form of therapy that supports the body and its natural ability to heal itself makes it possible to help clients improve their way of life. Individuals can experi- ence a drastic reduction in the pain they may have experienced for weeks, months, or even years.

Not many people realize that our bodies are electromagnetic. However, this is how our brains communicate with us to keep our bodies moving. Research shows that when humans are electrically charging their cells, it stimulates the healing process, encouraging the body to start healing on its own.

Adding extra energy to the cells throughout the body often leads to a signifi- cantly faster recovery time for those who’ve recently sustained injuries. As a result, clients with injuries can quickly ease the discomfort and reduce down- time during recovery from an injury. However, clients don’t need to have sus- tained an injury to experience the tremendous benefits of PEMF therapy. Those dealing with muscle fatigue or experiencing any level of discomfort after exer- cising or participating in strenuous activities can benefit from the increase in energy.

Because PEMF therapy encourages natural recovery and can help with a broad range of ailments, you have the opportunity to offer something unlike anything currently available to your clients that will leave them feeling comfortable, relaxed, and much more at ease. The idea behind this form of therapy is to repair the cells, encouraging them to regenerate and recover from the damage they’ve sustained due to a myriad of reasons, such as excessive use or age. Once those cells become more energized, the body can begin to heal and experience a genuinely natural transformation.

The cells inside of us determine how healthy we are, meaning damaged cells can lead to poor health and additional ailments that negatively impact an individu- al’s way of life. If our cells aren’t healthy, we can’t be healthy, which is one of the reasons PEMF therapy has become such a commonly sought-after treatment method for those looking to feel their best on the inside.

The best way to understand the impact PEMF can have on the human body is to think of the body as a battery. We all feel drained at times, some more often than others. If our cells lack energy, they can’t protect us from germs and infec- tions that linger around us, making it harder for our bodies to fight off things like the common cold and influenza. But, with treatment involving the Pulsed-Electromagnetic Field, it becomes possible for us to restore those dam- aged cells, revitalizing them so that they become strong and can handle any- thing that comes our way.

The process strengthens the energy field of individual cells, enabling them to fight disease, infection, and inflammation far better than before.

If your blood cells are restored and renewed, they will bolster your immune system. It will become easier for your body to absorb the nutrients you’re giving it through the foods you consume daily, only adding to your ability to become the healthiest version of yourself. In addition, the respiratory system starts work- ing better than ever before. At the same time, some of the most significant organs in your body begin functioning better than they have in a long time.

Many are surprised to learn of electromagnetic field therapy’s power over the human body. With the correct frequencies, this therapy can control the cells within the body, nurturing the health of every system, such as the immune, respiratory, nervous, digestive, and endocrine systems.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced this pain for as little as a week or as long as several years because the highly effective treatment works wonders for people with all kinds of ailments. When applied to the body with the right frequency, clients can experience immediate relief of their chronic, unwanted pain and discomfort, using this solution as an alternative to pain medication.

The pain-free treatment is natural yet effective at repairing the cells to drasti- cally reduce pain. It can help improve the way of life for chronic sufferers who’ve yearned for a treatment option that would successfully enable them to improve their range of motion and flexibility without living their lives in a constant state of discomfort.

Part 2: The History of PEMF

Although PEMF is a relatively new concept to most people who’ve never heard of this natural pain treatment, it’s been around for centuriws, and even dates back to 2000 BC. While it may sound crazy to believe that some form of magnetic therapy has been around that long, referances to it were found in The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine, a Chinese medical book that mentioned using magnetic stone to trat poor health conditions.

But that wasn’t the only reference to magnetic therapy dating back thousands of years. In the Middle Ages, it became common practice to use these stones, often referred to as lodestones, on the bodies of patients struggling with poor health and needing what most would refer to today as a “pick-me-up.” Who knew something so revolutionary that many people don’t even know exists has been around for ages? While magnetic therapy isn’t nearly as common as other types of alternatives to traditional medication, such as acupuncture and chiro- practic care, it can have an incredible effect on the body.

While PEMF isn’t a new remedy, technology has advanced over the past few cen- turies, making it more effective at helping people live healthier lives. But that doesn’t mean similar techniques and equipment used back in the day weren’t beneficial. For example, physicians regularly used magnets in medical environ- ments thousands of years ago. Although research shows that those magnets weren’t effective in treating ailments, the idea behind using them was brilliant. During those times, with limited access to resources and research, ancient physi- cians attempted to heal patients using magnetic therapy.

These physicians weren’t just using it for one single thing. Instead, they attempt- ed to use magnetic therapy for dozens of different ailments, including mood disorders and problems with digestion. And while their effectiveness has since been debunked, if not for the idea, who knows if PEMF therapy would be where it is today.

With knowledge of magnetic therapy, geniuses like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein created new, exciting concepts that have since led to the PEMF therapy clients can undergo and experience for themselves today. In fact, Nikola Tesla was the one who discovered the power of electric currents on the body and how these currents wouldn’t cause damage. His realization helped clear the way for PEMF therapy to become an actual treatment method.

Because there isn’t much talk about PEMF in the mainstream media, when people hear about it, they may seem skeptical at first. Some assume that this therapy is harrowing, causing them to avoid it by all means necessary.

However, the truth is that PEMF therapy is a pain-free treatment option that provides some of the most outstanding results, making it possible for people with different ailments to live more wholesome and fulfilling lives.

While Nikola Tesla was the first to discover valuable information that led to the availability of PEMF therapy, Albert Einstein conducted research into electricity and magnetism, noting the two weren’t as initially perceived. His breakthrough was the start of something incredible, but things wouldn’t pick back up until after World War II when leaders throughout several countries expressed interest in developing electromagnetic devices. The increased interest would lead to some fantastic discoveries, including a version of the system that looked a lot like what you’d expect to see when undergoing a CAT scan.

By the 1970s, veterinarians were using PEMF therapy to help treat horses with leg ailments, and the treatment was majorly successful. The success garnered interest from scientists and researchers willing to learn more about this form of therapy and its effectiveness. Dr. Andrew Bassett was the first to develop a non-invasive PEMF device that worked sufficiently enough to heal a fracture. And although it would take some time for others to get on board, PEMF therapy began to evolve in the late 80s and 90s, eventually becoming available and accessible to more humans than ever before.

The FDA even cleared PEMF therapy for non-union fractures because of the extensive research conducted by Dr. Bassett over the years. But that was just the beginning because now this therapy is FDA-approved for various uses and can help treat patients with ailments ranging from urinary incontinence to chronic back pain.

Nikola Tesla and Dr. Andrew Bassett are two of the primary people behind the evolution of PEMF therapy, even if they didn’t realize it at the time. With their willingness to perform extensive research, along with the help of many others along the way, millions of people worldwide can now benefit from this therapy, getting much-needed relief from aches and ailments.

Although PEMF therapy has evolved so much over the past several decades, additional advances in technology will likely bring even more advancements to the forefront. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how mainstream this natural treatment method becomes within the next decade.

Part 3: The Benifits of PEMF

PEMF therapy is incredibly benificial for various reason. PEMF devices work exceptionally well to target problem areas while regeberating cells, encouraging them to function to their fullest potential. When cells ecperiance regeneration before, untimately providing natural relief to the pain that people often experiance each day.

The natural treatment is non-invasive and doesn’t cause pain or discomfort. Despite the common misconception that it must hurt, clients can experience complete comfort during the procedure and won’t have to worry about dealing with downtime like they would with surgery or any other invasive procedures.

CeII2n-PEMF can provide countless benefits to the average user. It works well at reducing inflammation to relieve pain, eliminates the dependency on pain medication, and is also great for relaxation. Those who want to expe- rience natural energy can undergo this pain- less treatment to optimize their wellness. Clients who’ve received this natural and effective treatment often agree that it puts their mind and body at ease, making it the perfect solution for those who want to relax, unwind, and minimize pain in the body.

When most people hear of PEMF therapy, they believe it’s a relatively new con- cept and might even feel skeptical about it. However, it’s a natural, pain-free treatment that has been around for thousands of years and works wonders at rejuvenating the cells while reducing pain and strengthening the immune system. Cell2n’s PEMF treatment devices have brought relief to thousands of patients across the country, making a significant difference in their lives.

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