The world’s first Interactive touchscreen technology for professional use

Our Digital PEMF Devices Deliver

Digital PEMF Devices

  • 1 to 10-Power Setting Range
  • Power outputs from Level 1 at 900 Gauss to Level 10 at 15,000 Gauss
            Three Different Waveforms Frequencies
                    – Fixed, Random, and Schumann (The Earth’s Heartbeat)
  • Parallel Pulsing utilizing Low Power frequencies simultaneously with High
             Power frequencies. 
  • Dual Ports Systems. Allows You
                  – 2 different locations can be placed at the same time or utilize
                  – Create a Helmholtz Field
                  – 2 individuals can use it at the same time without losing any of the

Our Spark Gap PEMF Systems

Spark Gap PEMF Systems

  • World’s First Micro / (Hyper) Pulse delivers Deep Penetration
  • Pulse Delivery (Extreme Efficiency as the body cannot adjust)
  • Up to 8,000 Gauss
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